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Kindred Spirits: When art and design bring people together to create something

truly extraordinary. 

What we do

Create art you want to live in...

Find art that you are excited to wake up to see. Lucinda captures some of the most amazing views from her travels. Enjoy the views from sailboat life in Sausalito, the rolling hills of Tuscany, picturesque views of Seattle, and many others. 

Redefining your space...

Transport yourself to a beautiful, calm world for reflection. Lucinda's work creates a feeling of peace where you can immerse yourself in the location, Find yourself transported to Tuscany, Hawaii, or one of many locations. Art is a way of experiencing a place, not just as an image, but the emotions of being there. The spirit of the location becomes a part of the creation. Every piece captures the spirit and the essence.

why we do it

We’ve been there...

When we say "En Plein Air", we mean that Lucinda is there, feeling the location, a part of the environment, and translating that experience to her art so that others can feel it as well. Each location, each piece, has an essence that is your gateway to the soul of the view. You can feel the energy of the piece as the character washes over you.

A lifetime of experience

Not just art, but decades of experience goes into each creation. Each piece contains a piece of the artist, an experience, a memory. Not just the artist, but generations of artists culminate in each piece. The story behind each piece transcends generations. 

The Art

Success Stories

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